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Worried about the community here

This is just a random post to see if there are actually people on this community.

I am a little worried because I have 3 out of the last 4 posts on here, which is a shame because it is really cool tech, but it does have some competitors. I am curious to see how many ppl respond to this post.

I figured it was atleast worth a simple post to gauge the community. it would be the least I would expect a person to do for my tech site.

hope this works,


Hi Kevin,
I am Kamal from Enate, is there anything I can help you out with ?

Hey Kamal,
thanks for responding,

Actually there is something I was having an issue with.

I am at the point in the uipath training where I am attempting to link uipath with Enate.

it says there is no work left but my queue is full.

any help would be appreciated,



Hie Kevin, could you please verify that your bots are part of the same Queue…
The bot will not pick up any work if its already assigned to human resources… so please reassign from your inbox to bot.

There are a few things you could check.

on the case you built, ensure that the general settings for the action you want the bot to pick up are marked so they can be performed by a bot group, this screen

also, then ensure that the bot is part of the queue that the work is allocated to.

once you have made sure they are ok and the case is set live , then create some new cases and see if the bot picks them up

Thank you guys for your responses :smiley:,

so I have the bot as part of my queue

and it can also be preformed by bots

also how can I assign the work to a bot?


also is it possible to delete tickets?

I want to clean up my space a bit.

Thanks so much guys!

this really is an awesome tool.

So I logged into my bot to see if maybe I could assign things there…

no such luck however I did have a ticket to solve.

but now its stuck where I was before it will get to the upload action but it errors out there.

this is my case

I still have some things I can try… Thanks for your advice and have a good weekend :wink:.
I think I will continue on Monday with a fresh mind.



Setting looks good to me… you can reassign work to bots from inbox grid itself… select botable action and you will see ‘reassign’ button on top toolbar
once you click on re-assign …you will below pop-up

Enjoy your weekend…

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you shouldn’t have to manually assign work to a bot.
if the configuration is correct then the GetMoreWork call should return work the bot is able to do.
which depends on the general setting you set (which looks ok) and the bot being in the Queue (which looks ok)
so if it’s still not getting work returned with the GetMoreWork call then it could be something else causing the problem.

there is also a bot suspension system, for misbehaving bots :), which you should be able to check by looking at the bot farm and checking it doesn’t have a status of “Suspended” if it does then you can resume from there.
the other thing that can prevent bots from being assigned work is “working hours” which is where you configure the bot users, if you have assigned a calender to the bot, then that dictates the hours the bot is allowed to work. so you could check that too. just in case.

also, regarding the error message with the datafields, it looks like the Invoice number is called Invoice Number 1, which would mean the system would give it a “Safe name” of “InvoiceNumber1”. so you just need to change the UiPath routine to get/set that particular datafield name.

You can check the datafield names in builder and it should show the safe name to confirm this.

Cheers :smiley:



Thanks Mark,

I Hope you had a good weekend.

So I manged to get the invoice running… It was the fact that it had a name of “InvoiceNumber1” :cold_sweat::, thanks for that :+1:.

I am looking through the v2019.1.11BuilderHandbook.pdf is this the most recent?

so you were talking about the suspension system, what do you do when a bot is offline?

it is not the calendar I set one at UTC +3 named early riser( I live in UTC +5) and they are both offline.

per this ^ it says that the team lead can take over but how can I turn the bot “back on” ?

Also I am trying to set up the integration with UiPath per section 10.4 but when I click on a robot farm it only shows this ^ and the Tech link is not applicable it only determines which RPA program I am using

I want to get to this ^… where is the “old User Manager client app” ? is that where I need to go?

Thanks so much for your help,


So the bots there are not Suspended, Offline means they haven’t connected to enate recently so are considered offline.
when a bot gets suspended (usually for taking longer than expected for completing a task) then the bot will show on that screen as “Suspended” and you can then choose to restart them from there.

regarding the integration process that requires that you configure the enate instance to syncronise with your UIPath orchestrator, which is configured through the settings in builder here :

from there you can set up the details to connect to orchestrator (this may not be currently working with Orchestrator community though, as they have recently changed their authentication methods, and the updated api to connect is not yet available)

when you do have this configured and it’s authenticating correctly then Enate will syncronise UIPath Environments to Enate Farms, and the bots and processes.
once they have syncronised the list of integration processes will be populated so you can pick one.
that process will then be triggered automatically when there is work in the bot queue.

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Hi Kevin, I think your Community environent is running v2019.2 of Enate. This post links to Builder Handbook for that versoin (see the Builder handbook pdf download):

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Thanks for the update