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Welcome to Enate Community Forum!

Welcome to Enate Community Forum!

Welcome to the Community Forum - your place to learn more about Enate and get involved in the discussion. If you’ve questions to ask about Enate as you play and learn in Community, or you have questions about Enate in general, the forum is a great place to help get your questions answered.

So that it’s clear from the get-go, it’s good to establish a couple of things about the site:

This is a PUBLIC Forum

The first thing to be aware of is that the community forum is a public forum - anyone and everyone can stop by and browse all the topics - even if they’re not logged in (they will need to log in in order to post). You should take this into account when posting your content - be sure to avoid posting sensitive / security-related information.

Enate Community Forum isn’t a helpdesk

Many of the people here on the Forum aren’t Enate employees, they’re interested folks volunteering their time to get involved with discussion and to help others. Enate employees are involved in the Forum and for sure they’ll lend their expertise to help get you where you need to be, but plenty of others will be here just to help each other out.

If you’re a full Enate customer and you need an answer from Enate support, you should go to the helpdesk portal to send in a ticket. If you’re a Community user and are having technical issues with something not working on the product, and which you’ve tried and failed to find an answer for on here, consider sending a mail to community@enate.net.

OK, enough of the stipulations, let’s get on with the useful bits…

Some Useful Links

Below you’ll find a couple of really helpful links: to some How-To videos; and to the main Enate Handbooks which you can download if you want.
Between them, you should be able to pick up the details for running through the main activities in Enate Builder, and the detailed information for all the features in Builder (Enate’s confgifuration environment where you can make all your settings) and Work Manager (Enate’s Operations envrionment where your users can manage and process Tickets Cases & Actions for your customers).

How to best use the Forum


Make sure to use the Search feature of the forum. Someone may already have asked a similar question and the answer is already sitting in a post for you.

If you’re creating a new topic, be sure to take a look at the Topic Suggestions on the right side while your’e writing (where the Preview panel is). This uses the topic, any tags you add, and the content you enter in the post tp try matching it up with existing posts. Before you finish your post, take a look at the suggestions to see if there’s an existing match to what you’re asking / posting about.

If you do find a post which answers what you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to go ‘like’ the other post - it will helps any other users searching future to find that post, and gives good feedback to the pereson who wrote it that it has been helpful!

I’ve found a close match in another (already solved) topic, but I’m still stuck - Should I still add my post?

Tricky, but as a general rule - no. Instead it’s recommended that you post as a new topic but link to this ‘close match’ topic, to show you’ve been investigating and to stop people pointing you to it (when you already know it doesn’t quite fit!).

How to write a good question in a Post

Choosing your Category

To best focus your question try to make use of the sub-categories as well as the main categories. Most categories are self explanatory if you’ve some basic familiarity with Enate.
Just remember that Issues is for things that should work but don’t and How To are for when you don’t know how to accomplish something.


Make sure you enter a sensible topic title, one that gives a good summary of your issue / question so people get a good idea of what it’s likely to be about before even opening the topic.

A good topic title:

  • Describes the part of the system you’re in
  • Describes the thing you’re having an issue with
  • Is emotionless


  • Good Case is not moving to next action after Robot completes action.
  • Bad Case not moving on.
  • Ugly Case problem

Leave the title until last if you don’t know what to write - you’ll likely have a better idea of summarizing what it’s about once you’ve written the post.


Adding some sensible tags will help people (and you!) with some structured searching, and will help give some more context as people start to read the topic.

The Question

Describe your goal

It is vital to give adequate detail for people to understand what you’re trying to achieve and which bits you’re having difficulty with.

Show effort

As stated at the beginning, this is a community forum, so it’s a good idea to show that you’ve put in some effort when you’re then asking for help from others. This includes posting links to similar topics that you’ve found while searching - as well as showing effort, this avoids you getting whole load of answers and links which you already know don’t work for you.

Describe your environment & constraints.

If you’re using another tool alongside Enate, such as an RPA tool, what version of it are you using, and how are you using it (e.g. running directly from the system, or unattended?). Details will always help. If you’ve got constraints on what you’re allowed to do when resolving your issue, mention that up-front.

Don’t Post Sensitive Info

When posting details of your issue, make sure you avoid posting sensitive or secure information! Passwords, tokens, or anything that might compromise the security of the environments you’re working in are obviously not something you want to be adding in your posts. Remember the forum is completely open and anyone can view it, even without an account.

Use proper formatting

This helps keep everything clear. If you need some pointers on how to format your text, take a look Here. Use plenty of paragraphs and some white-space to make it easy to read.

Should I mention people in the post?

Mostly No: it is viewed as slightly bad manners and is often looked upon as demanding an answer from them, at least if it’s in your very first post on a topic. In a bump then perhaps you can, but that can depend on who has been responding on the other side.

If you DO mention someone in the post using @someusername , please remember be polite and don’t forget that much of the ongoing success of the forum is going to rely heavily on volunteer efforts here.

OK I’ve created the Post. What’s next?

Now you wait a little
There are Forum users dotted around the world, so new posts and responses to them can arrive at any time, but precisely when is undetermined.

What if no-one is responding?

If the topic has been open for a longer period and no-one responded, you may want to adjust your post and your title to see if you can improve it a little (you can always edit your posts). If you think that it’s ok, make it more visible by giving it a bump - post a reply to it. Be careful not to overuse bumping though, as you’ll end up having the opposite effect on your posts!

I managed to solve it myself

Great! It’s always a good idea to post it in your topic and mark as resolved if you think it’s valuable information you think will help others. Even if you don’t want to do that, keep the post open - it can be seen as bad manners to remove a question others might also have later on just because you’ve got your answer - it can often be a great time-saving starting point for another user hitting the same issue / question and allows them to make use of it.

I got a reply, but it didn’t solve my problem

You might get quite a bit of this. See what the poster mentioned and if it brings you closer to a solution, mention it in your reply. It will make them feel that replying to you was worth their time investment and they will most probably stick with you to solve the issue completely or even involve other people they know to help.

I got a reply which resolved my issue

Awesome - now, some pointers on closing the topic:

  • If someone posted something which solves you issue, mark it as such (there should be a checkbox at the bottom of the post which lets you do that).
  • If someone’s posts help you get the resolution you’re looking for, give them a like. It’s nice to be nice :slight_smile:, and they’ll appreciate it.

Help us make the Forum the best it can be

We’re well aware that the Enate Community Forum is in its early stages and that there will be plenty of topics that haven’t been covered yet. In the short-term, it’s likely to be you trailblazers who are asking some questions for the first time, so bear with us as we work to fill all those gaps. You can help us by sending in your feedback about the Forum, about Academy, about your Community site. Let us know your feedback by mailing us at community@enate.net. It’s you who will be helping us to shape the whole Enate Learning environment and the Forum, so we really want to hear from you.