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User not showing in queue

I have created a new Service Agent and a new Employee against the company. However, I can’t allocate them to queues. Is this because they haven’t yet allocated the user to my team?

Hi Tim, only your team members will be available to be added in your Queues. so please add this agent into your team first.

Thanks Kamal. I can’t find where I add team members to my team in the queue.

Hi Tim, Please see below snaps-
Step 1- click on the edit button on top to make any changes in Queues and teams.

step 2- Click on add user button on right-hand side-

after this, you should able to see ‘add new member’ pop out to search for your agents…

step 3- add your agent into the team… once its added in the team, you can add him/her into Queue as well

hope this helps…

That’s great. Thank you