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Useful Ticket Configuration Videos

Here are some useful How-To videos on configuring Tickets in Builder.

Creating a Service and Adding Cases & Tickets in Builder


Explains the steps to create a new Service under a Contract in Builder, plus how to create & begin configuration of new Cases & Tickets in that Service.

Input Links to Start Cases and Tickets


Explains how input links to start new Cases & Tickets get created when you set them live, and how to control their display on the Contacts Activity page.

Creating New Types of Case & Ticket in Builder


Explains the steps to create new types of Case & Ticket within a service line, as a precursor to switching them on and configuring their specifics for individual customers.

Setting Up Ticketing in Builder


A guide to setting up ticketing and ticket categories for new customers in Builder.

Modifying Ticket Categories in Builder


Making Changes to Live Ticketing instances and adjusting the menu of available Ticket Categories in Builder Ticketing.