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Show external information on smart cards

Is there a way to show information from a source database on the SmartCard without using HTML code?

Hi Tim

Displaying data within a SmartCard will eventually require some HTML code, be that hand-written or by auto-generating in Enate Builder.

Could you elaborate on what it is you want to display within your card?

I have some test information on projects stored in an Access database. I need to show some of the project details stored in the database (scope, background) on the smart card.

I am looking at exporting the access to a sharepoint list, if we can’t get the information directly from access

Exporting your Access database to a Sharepoint list then requesting the data from within your card is a viable option, but would require a capable developer to;

  • retrieve data from your Sharepoint list via an API request from within your card component,
  • display the resulting data using HTML.