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Setting a Due Date which references a Schedule Date

There are two options here:

  • Use a due date method that directly references one of the schedule dates.
  • Use a due date which references the Step due date.

A. Reference an explicit schedule date

When defining a new Due Date option, you can select a due Date Method of ‘from Explicit Schedule Date’, and then select which of the schedule dates you wish to reference.


As with any other due date rule, you can define a +/- offset of days (and now hours) from the date referenced in order to reach the precise due date/time desired for the Action.

B. Reference the Step date

You can indirectly reference a date by creating a Due Date rule in relation to the STEP date, e.g. ‘2 days before Step Due Date’. This allows you the flexibility of subsequently modifying the schedule date you have linked to the step without having to reconfigure your Due Dates.


Validation point to note: If you use a Due Date rule in an Action which references Step Date, but you have not linked that Step to any schedule date, you will receive a validation message on saving the Case process, and will not be able to set Live until you have resolved the issue.

This concludes the Builder-level setup for Schedules and schedule dates for a Case. After this point, you can use the new Schedule information when running a Case (see next section).