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Services Screen

Screen Overview

For details about how to use the Services screen, see the following video:

The Services screen is your landing page in Builder.

It displays a list of all existing Customer companies with their corresponding Live contracts & Services, split across pages by individual Service Lines.

  • The link at top of page shows which Service Line is being displayed. Click to bring up a popup to select a different Service Line to dislay.
  • The columns displayed for each Service Line represent the various types of Case & Ticket processes which can be created under this Service Line. You can easily expand this - see ‘Creating & Editing new types of Ticket & Case’ section.

Sorting & Filtering

  • Click on an column header to sort.
  • Freetext filtering against the grid items is available.
  • Addtionally, Clicking on a specific Customer / Contract / Service will filter by that attribute.
  • Each of these structured & freetext filters can be removed. Filters will persist as you flip between service lines.