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Robot 2 solves Robot 1's exception?

Can one robot solve another robot’s exception?

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No. If an Activity is rejected by a Robot it must be corrected by a Person before it can be sent to digital resources again.

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Slightly longer answer (but it’s still a No really):

Ah … but who’s checking the checker’s checker? Conceptually yes you could, but practically it doesn’t make a lot of sense. The reason to pass the task to a person is because people are really good at handling the flexible edge cases and exceptions.

This approach lets your automation team get on with coding up the next ‘happy path’ rather than coding up all of the exception handling.

UiPath is doing some really cool development, teaching their robots new skills, but until some of this is available, your RPA developers have to code-up the exception cases, which wastes time compared to developing the next high value ‘happy path’ automation.