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Quickfind with Custom Data – Configuration & Rules

A. Setting a Custom field as Searchable, adding a Short Code.

You can set a custom data field to be an explicit search field as part of the configuration when creating Custom Data items in Builder. Steps are as follows:

When creating / editing the Custom Data item, tick the ‘Searchable’ flag and specify a text character for the Short Code to be entered by users in Quickfind.

Click ‘OK’ to save changes. This code will now be shown in the Quickfind list in Work Manager, and people can search for work items with this field.

Further Details

Searchable Data Types

Currently, the following data types can be set as searchable in Quickfind:

  • Short Text
  • List (not multi-value list)

Reserved shortcodes

If you try to set a shortcode which is reserved by the system for standard attributes, the screen will display a validation message and stop you from making this update.


The following shortcodes is reserved for standard system usage; you cannot use them:

  • r: Work Item reference number
  • ‘RE:’ & ‘FW:’ are also blocked from, as this may impact searching against e.g. titles which come from emails subjects.
  • Further shortcodes are reserved for future system usage: T, S, SD, DD, ED, AU, OU & RD.

Upcoming functionality – Default Short Code for a User

A subsequent update of the software will allow users to set one of the shortcodes in the list to be their default shortcode. If a shortcode is selected, this will mean that the user will not have to input the prefix (e.g. ‘p:’ before the search text).