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Linking Custom Cards to Case / Ticket / Action instances

Once you have created you custom fields you can link them to a Custom Card for subsequent displaying in a ticket / Case or Action Screen. Cards can be displayed as part of the main section for Cases, Tickets & Actions, and as a side panel.

  • Side Panel card displays between the Contacts card and the Files card.
  • Main Panel card appears:
    • Ticket: After the Ttimeline card.
    • Case: After the Timeline / Action display card.
    • Action: After the Checklist card.

You can add a single card to the Main / Side panel section for a Case / Ticket / Action instance in Builder. Neither is mandatory.

  • The same card should not be added in both locations.
  • The same field should not be referenced in two cards showing on the same ticket / Case / Action.

Select available cards from the ‘Main Screen Card’ and / or ‘Side Panel Card’ dropdowns in the Case Info tab.

B. Linking Cards to an Action

C. Linking Cards to a Ticket

Custom Card definition for a ticket is done at the header level rather than per ticket category. Access the card definitions for a ticket by clicking on the toolbar icon:

Set the desired main and/or side panel card in the resulting popup:

Note that for Tickets you can also define a Smart Card to be used for Self Service ticket submissions (these much be created separately from the smart cards defined for Work Manager work items).