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How does Enate trigger a bot?

How does Enate trigger bot? (with and without the orchestrator?)

Hi @Richard_Brook

With UiPath orchestrator, a.k.a Deep Integration, Enate’s engine is synced with the UiPath orchestrator tenant. Whenever a work item is created on Enate for a bot or group of bots (farm, environment etc.,), Enate pushes that work item as a ‘job’ on UiPath orchestrator. UiPath orchestrator then allocates the job to the available bot(s) and the bot executes the work it has obtained from Enate (through activities available in the UiPath library) and updates Enate that it has either completed successfully or unable to complete it due to some exception (the exception can be sent back to Enate) or rejected the work (because it does not have any routine defined for the received work item).

Without the UiPath orchestrator integration, a.k.a light integration, the UiPath bot on a remote machine (using the UiPath activities) will ask for more work from Enate to execute. Based on the routine, it will either update the work item as successfully completed, unable to complete due to some exception or reject the work (because it does not have routine defined for the received work item).


Hi @shashank,

Just wondering for the Deep Integration, what username and password should we use in the “Authenticate” activity?


Hi there,

When using Deep Integration Enate creates Assets/Credentials on orchestrator for each robot that is syncronised into the Enate System.
So in UiPath studio you can then use the Get Credential activity to retrieve the username/password to send to the Authentication acttivity


Hi @Mark.C,

Thanks for the guidance. I found that Enate created a Credential Asset but when my robot tries to retrieve the credential , it throws an “The asset does not have a valued associated with this robot”.

By checking my asset in UiPath Orchestrator, I realized that the credential asset is empty as shown below. There is no value defined for any robots.

Just wondering did I miss something? How could I solve this problem?


Hi There,

UiPath have made a change to their public API which we consume for creating credentials which has now affected the creation of credentials in orchestrator

we are currently making changes to our integration code to resolve this problem and as soon as we have it through QA we can make it available.

there may possibly be a work around in the mean time.
I think it may update values if they already exist, so if you added a value manually for the bot, then Enate would attempt to update it when enate next changed password (but that’s every 30 days).

if you were able to create a new bot, and set it a default value in there before enate synced (maybe disabled RPA sync whilst setting this up) it then it should update it with the correct password when the bot is created in Enate.

Hi @Mark.C,

Thanks for the workaround. It is working fine now. :slight_smile:

Would appreciate if we can get notified when the new API update is done.