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How does a bot push a case process on to next action?

If a bot has used the activity ‘Get more work’ it receives a case packet, then this case is assigned to the bot correct?
After the bot completes the action, it needs to be pushed to the next action (for example performed by a human), how can we do that from UiPath?

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Currently “Get More Work” will only supply robots with Actions. Using the Enate UiPath Activity Library available in UiPath Go! you can work on the Action inside the bot routine and then use the Complete Action activity to return it to Enate.

When an Action is completed (by any type of resource) Enate will decide on what happens next based on the configuration of the Case. For example it might:

  • Send the Action to a person for Peer Review
  • Start the next Action within the current Step
  • Move the Case to the next step and start the first Action(s)
  • Send the Case to a person to ask what to do next
  • Complete the Case

If a bot is unable to complete the Action then it can also reject it. There are 2 forms of rejection:

  1. Reject the item as unable to be done by a bot. In this scenario the Action is sent to a Person to be completed
  2. Flag the Action as unable to be done by any resource. In this scenario the Action is completed and the Case is sent to a Person so that they can decide what happens next (such as reworking the case, aborting the Case, etc)