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How do I create a new user account?

How do I create a new user account in Builder?

The steps to create a new user account are as follows. Note that you’ll need to have :

  • Log into Work Manager (as you have done), but do this in Chrome, as you will need to access ‘Builder’, which runs in Chrome.

  • From the navigation pane, open up Builder

  • This will open in a separate browser tab. Once you are in Builder, open the User Management section from the toolbar links.

  • Within this section, click on ‘Add User’ link while on the ‘Service Agents’ tab.

  • In the resulting ‘Add User’ popup, fill in user information. If you’re creating users for them to go through the online training, you should tick all of the checkbox options along the bottom of the popup. Additional user settings are available by clicking the ‘See More’ link.

  • Select next, set a password for the user, and then complete the user creation, remembering to pass on the login account name and initial password to the user.