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Enate v2019.4 Handbooks and Changes

Here’s some very useful documentation for using v2019.4 of Enate

v2019.4 Work Manager Handbook - explains the features in Enate’s operations environment
Enate EN v2019.4 Work Manager Handbook - March 2020.pdf (5.1 MB)

v2019.4 Builder Handbook - describes in detail the features available to set up services for your customers
v2019.4 Builder Handbook - March 2020.pdf (2.8 MB)

v2019.4 Changes - highlights the changes in functionality between v2019.4 and v2019.3
Enate v2019.4 - Changes.pdf (1.1 MB)

v2019.4 API Changes - any modifications to how Enate APIs are called
2019.4 API Changes.pdf (285.2 KB)

v2019.4 Breaking Changes
2019.4 Breaking Changes.pdf (243.4 KB)

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