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Enate integration with other systems to know work is done

How does Enate integrate with systems to know the work is done, has started or has been paused or broken for some reason? It is clear that it’s the RPA developer’s responsibility to inform Enate about that, but what about other systems?

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The pattern is that the resource responsible for completing (i.e. the person, bot, ML model, etc.) is responsible for telling Enate that something’s gone wrong. The RPA developer doesn’t have to handle the corrective action or notification though. That is for the ‘human in the loop’ to fix.

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Hi @Richard_Brook what do you mean by other systems? Any specific system or in general external systems ?

As said in the earlier reply , Enate acknowledges the information sent in to Enate by Humans /Bots .
Enate then flags the work item if its broken or paused . The Corrective course of action can be again taken by 'Humans in the Loop ’ or also another Bot . In all the stages , Work Item is appropriately represented in Enate at the various stages - work is done , has started or has been broken or defaulted .