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Enate and UiPath Orchestrator Setup Questions

How do I link orchestrator account in Enate?

What happens after linking orchestrator account in Enate? Publish process on UiPath orchestrator, make it available for the env etc.

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You can link a orchestrator account in Enate Builder Settings .

Then you have to pass the required details to connect to Uipath orchestrator account .

Test Your connection and if all details are correct , you are ready to go .

After linking orchestrator with Enate , Enate engine will synchronize the robots from UI path Farm to Enate, in simple terms robots from your orchestrator will be now available in Enate to work on .

After you publish your process , you have to select it on the Bot Farm level , after which whenever there is work item present for a bot to do in Enate , it will inform the same to the orchestrator and jobs will be triggered on UiPath . Its deep integration as pointed in another answer here How does Enate trigger a bot?