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Enate 2019.5 Documentation

Here’s some very useful documentation for using v2019.5 of Enate

v2019.5 Work Manager Handbook - explains the features in Enate’s operations environment
Enate v2019.5 Work Manager Handbook.pdf (5.1 MB)

v2019.5 Builder Handbook - describes in detail the features available to set up services for your customers
Enate v2019.5 Builder Handbook.pdf (2.9 MB)

v2019.5 Changes - highlights the changes in functionality between v2019.5 and v2019.4
Enate v2019.5 - Changes.pdf (467.6 KB)

v2019.5 API Changes - any modifications to how Enate APIs are called
2019.5 API Changes.pdf (222.0 KB)

v2019.5 Breaking Changes
2019.5 Breaking Changes.pdf (205.9 KB)

v2019.5 Warehouse Database Dictionary
2019.5 Warehouse Database Data Dictionary.pdf (652.3 KB)