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Email & Peer Review Settings:

For a guide to setting Email Action & Peer Review Action settings in Builder, see the following video:


A. Email Settings

The settings configured in the Email Info tab of impact the following areas:

  • Email Actions – these are automated emails that are sent in-process by the system. The settings on this tab are required in order to send such emails.
  • Manual Emails - Defaults & proposed values when a user is manually composing an email while on this Action.

All the manual actions that are added to the process flow are shown under [Action Info] tab, and you can configure their standard attributes there. Additionally, specific types of Action (e.g. Email and Peer Review) actions have further attributes which are displayed in subsequent tabs in the same location. These will only display once you add an action of that type to your flow.

The parameters of the Email actions are as follows:

B. Setting Email Address Overrides

Setting From Addresses

From Email addresses can be set for Cases, Actions and ticket Categories. For Actions, if you do not set a value, the system will use the Case-level value (which is a mandatory setting).

Multiple From Addresses can be set. If you set more than one from address, at runtime users will be presented with a dropdown in the email section to choose a from address.

If you set one of the addresses as the Default, this will be populated automatically but users will still be able to select alternatives. Only one email address can be set as the Default for From addresses.
Note that multiple from addresses are not relevant for in-process automated email actions.

Setting To, CC & BCC Addresses
When setting ‘To’ / ‘CC’ / ‘BCC’ address for outgoing communications for Actions, in addition to specifying your own email addresses you can select from the standard ‘Contact’ emails, e.g. ‘Primary Contact, Requester’ etc.

Multiple addresses can be set as Default. Default addresses will populate directly when users start to compose an email. If you choose NOT to set the value as ‘Default’, the value will be available via dropdown at runtime but will not populate directly.

If no email address overrides are configured, the system standard setting is for the ‘To’ value to be the Primary Contact’s email address in the Contacts section of the Case Screen, and the CC to email addresses to be those set in the in the CC list of the Contacts section of the Case Screen.

C. Manual Actions with Peer Review

‘Manual with Peer Review’ type actions require a single additional attribute to be entered, specifically the allocation settings for where the subsequent peer review activity should be sent. This is configured in the standard way, choosing an Allocation flavour from the dropdown, this time on the Peer Review tab.