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Creating Custom Data Fields

Access this section from the Custom Data Fields link in the toolbar:


This will bring you to a list of all Custom Data fields (including tables of fields). This list can be filtered by field name.

A. Creating a Field

Click the ‘Add Field’ link at the top of the screen to begin. This will bring up a popup to define the field data. (For existing fields, click on the field to bring up this popup for editing).


You can set the following field-level settings here:

The following Types of fields are supported:

B. Multiple-Level Lists
This datatype allows users to create lists with up to two additional nested sub- lists.

  • Parent list items and their children sort alphanumerically by default.
  • Duplicate child entries per single parent are not allowed.
  • If desired a ‘Select’ value can be set as the initial blank value (see relevant tickbox).

C. Creating Tables

In addition to defining individual fields you can also define tables to allow for storing of repeating rows of information. Click the ‘Add Table’ link at the top of the Custom Fields screen.

This will bring up a popup to define the Table.

You can create the following Table-level settings here:

After clicking ‘Create’ (or, if you are editing a table, after clocking ‘OK’) on this popup, the system will move you to a screen when you can create & edit the the fields within this table.

Click the ‘Add field’ link to bring up a popup for new field definition (identical to the popup for creating a standard field described above). To edit an existing field simply click on the field name to bring up the popup.