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Changing Master Data for Actions / Checklists

A. Adding New Actions to the Menu of Actions

When would you do this:

  • At the very start of you using Builder, i.e. the initial construction of a Menu of Action
  • As and when brand new action types are deemed necessary in the system.

Select the [+ Create New Action] link from the foot of the Menu of Actions popup.

This will require the following information to create the new Action:

  • A Name for the Action
  • The Action Type it comes from (dropdown will display the Service > Master Action to choose from, e.g. Email, Manual etc).
  • Any permissions settings, if the action has any.

Once you have created this, the new Action will be available in this menu throughout the system for reuse.

B. Defining / Modifying / Deleting Global Checks

On an exceptional basis, You can also access the ‘global’ checks, i.e. the standard checks which take place each time that action is undertaken by clicking on the [Edit Global Checks] button below.


• Make any adjustments to the global checks (text or order). Note that this affects ALL situations where that action is used, globally, so should only be modified with caution.

  • Additionally, before displaying the global edit screen, the system will automatically save any local-level checks you have made until this point.
  • You can also delete any global checks. Deleted global checks will no longer display on forms, however when you subsequently edit a Case which references a deleted global check, the system will require you to re-parent any ‘orphaned’ local checks before you can set the Case process to Live.