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Case Screen Overview

The Case Screen consists of 2 sections:

  • Flow Diagram – Steps and location for the Actions to be configured within them.
  • Footer Section with numerous tab links:
    • Case settings tab
    • Actions settings grid tab. Grid consists of the following columns:
      • Step Number & Action Name
      • Checklist link
      • Email Reminder Settings
      • ‘When is it due?’ setting
      • ‘Who does it go to?’ setting
      • General settings
      • Allow Manual Creation setting.
      • The Smart Card for the Main Screen
      • The Smart Card for the Side Panel
    • Further action type settings tabs can also be accessed for Email settings and tasks & Peer Review task settings.
  • Use the ‘Switch Views’ Cog icon link to to modify screen display mode between: Flow only; Action Grid Only; or both sections.