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Builder - Overview

The following handbook provides an overview of v8.0 of Builder. Builder allows you to deploy & configure new Services, Cases & Ticketing for your customers quickly and easily. It allows you to set up standard reusable configurations which help support repeatability in your service delivery.
This following sections will describe the fatures available to allow you view the Services your customers receive (and which components of that service are switched on for them, i.e. specific Cases & Tickets), configure these Cases & Ticket settings, create standard patterns of settings to be re-used, build flows, and move these items from draft through to live operating business processes.

For an overview of Builder, see the following video:

A. Accessing Builder
You should access Builder by first logging into Work Manager. If you have been set up with a ‘Process Confguration’ user type in user manager (done by your administrator), then you will have access to Builder from the navigation pane.


This will open Builder up in a separate browser window, on the Services screen.

Please note: Builder is supported on google Chrome browser only. The above link will only display in Chrome, and you will not be able access Builder in another browser.

Overview – The Main Sections

The main sections of Builder to familiarise yourself with are as follows:


  • User Management Screen – Allow maintenance & creation of Users & Robots
  • The Service Matrix Screen – shows a list of your customers and which services they receive (split by service line), and lets you create new Cases & Ticketing processes under them.
    • The Ticket Configuration Screen – Drill down to here from the Service Matrix screen to configure an individual Ticket process.
    • The Case Configuration Screen – Drill down to here from the Service Matrix screen to configure an individual Case process, with a flow of connected Actions.
  • Working Calendar Management – Lets you define the working days, hours, national holidays to link to Customers & Contracts during their definition.
  • The Custom Data & Smart Cards Screens – Allows creation of Custom Data Fields, and build Custom Cards which can then be displayed on Cases, Ticket & Actions.
  • Schedules – Lets you create repeating schedules (e.g. daily, weekly) to link to Cases, allowing them to be launched automatically as per that schedule.
  • System-Wide Settings – Service Provider Company settings and General settings which take effect at system level.