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Blue Prism Integration with Enate

Hi All,

Currently I am trying to connect Enate Environment with Blue Prism automation tool. My understating is there is no dedicated connector for Blue Prism as it is for UiPath and I should rely on sending http request, which are based on API documentation. In Blue Prism I am able to get authentication token and then send GET request for “/Work/GetMoreWork” method. Unfortunately the outcome the action is empty string. I am wondering if I set up something incorrectly in Enate.

I added Items to the Queue, which has only one robot assign to the queue. However items haven’t been assign to Blue Prism robot. The status of the Bot is idle. Do you have any tips related to how fixed it so I will be able to invoke Get More Work and Get Action methods in Blue Prism?

Thank you in advance,


We have an adapter for BluePrism 6.0 pending release. Until then though you can use the API as you are attempting.

The Login API will (by default) return a secure cookie which you should supply to all future requests.

If BP isn’t capable of handling cookies then you can pass the parameter to the Login method (in querystring) of useCookie=false. The HTTP call will then return the authentication token in the response. You can then submit this token with all future API calls either in the HTTP Header “apikey” or in the query string in the “authToken” key.

You may find the RPA Developers guide helpful with your endeavours to connect from BluePrism