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Starting Work in Enate Questions regarding the various ways to start work in Enate: Manually via Call Handling; via ‘Create Work’ link; Bulk Creation; Incoming Emails; Scheduled Case Creation; Starting a Case via a Robot; Starting work via APIs; Starting a Sub-Case from a Case; Turning a Ticket into a Case. Quickfind Questions relating to The Quickfind feature in the toolbar of Work Manager. Finding Users, Work Items, Communications. Configuring & using Short Codes to search against work item information. Queues & Users Questions Relating to The Queues tab in Work Manager: adding human resources to your team; adding human users & robots to the Queues you manage, setting which Queues you manage. Processing Work Items Questions relating to processing Tickets, Cases & Actions as part of day-to-day business: How work items can be started, the various states that these work items can be placed into; merging and splitting work items. Test Mode Questions relating to use of ‘Test Mode’ in Work Manager; Setting users to be able to see test work items, how to make a Case / Ticket available to use in Test mode. Work Manager General General Questions relating to the Work Manager environment not covered by other categories. Manage Page & Inbox Questions relating to the Manage Page and Inbox page in Work Manager. Work Items Screens Questions relating to the Ticket, Case & Action screens used in Work Manager for accessing specific work items. Using the various sections: Header Ribbon; The Activities Tab; Composing Emails & Notes; The Timeline Section. Using the Work Item Side Panel sections: The Info Card; Time Tracker Card; Settings Card; Contacts Card; Files Card; Defects Card.
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